A little oasis in the Black Country...

Our Animals

All of the animals at Brockswood are rescued and can vary depending on what we have taken in. You may see some animals that are in a poor condition; these are some that have arrived and require or are undergoing Veterinary Treatment.

Some of them have had a bad start in life (be that through cruelty or neglect), but by visiting us, you are helping us to pay for their care and ensuring that their lives will always be happy from now on!  All of our animals have a 'Forever Home' with us.

Some of our animals are off-show, while they undergo treatment with us and settle down following the ordeals they may have been through before they came to us; but most of them are are out and ready to meet you!

Goats & Sheep

We have a large number of rescued sheep, ranging from small Soays to large Jacob rams; they are friendly and love to be hand fed.

Our group of Goats absolutely love to meet new people and also enjoy being fed and fussed. Meet Max, Rosie and Jim to name a few!


Meet Leo the Shetland Pony, Callum the Welsh Mountain Pony and his friend Duke the Donkey. Plus our new friends, Abby & Anna the Welsh Mountain Ponies!


Meet Charlie the Gloucester Old Spot, and Bonny the Large White.  On warm days you will see them happily sunbathing or tucking into their healthy fruit salads!

Owls & Raptors

We have Bengal Eagle Owls, European Eagle Owls, a Spotted Eagle Owl, Barn Owls and two beautiful rescued Buzzards.

Pheasants, Poultry & Waterfowl

We have a large number of rescued chickens, ducks, and beautiful ornamental pheasants.
From Henry the cheeky Sussex rooster, to Trevor the Turkey.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Ferrets

We are currently working on a complete upgrade of our rabbit runs and are now almost finished! We have lots of Rabbits, as well as Guinea Pigs, and if you're lucky you might see Oscar and Bertie the Ferrets (they spend a lot of the day sleeping!)

Native & Non-Native Wildlife

If you are quiet and patient, you may see Toby our rescued Red Fox, or Missy the Raccoon! They can be quite shy so we can't guarantee that you will see them every time unfortunately.

We also have rescued birds that we have reared after they have found their way to us, such as Pedro & Rio the friendly Pigeons.


Meet Malcolm and Edwina our rescued Emus; Australia's largest native bird!


We have recently completed building a brand new aviary for our Cockatiels and we can't wait for you to see it. Keep an eye out for Phineas the Red Golden Pheasant too!


Another new enclosure for Brockswood, in partnership with Proteus Reptile Trust.  We have over 50 rescued Red-Eared Terrapins and Yellow-Bellowed Slider Turtles.

Proteus has hundreds of Reptiles looking for homes; from Snakes and Lizards, to Turtles and Amphibians! Do get in touch, or pop in on a Saturday if you would like to offer a 'Forever Home' to a rescued reptile too!